How Do I Stay So Skinny?

As a thick girl (defy the word fat), I have always considered the struggle of women who are overweight, but never considered a skinny girls’ journey with weight. 

I have been told by doctors that it is not healthy for me to be the weight that I am for my height. Do I agree? Yes. Why? It is more important to be healthy than it is to be comfortable

I re-blogged this post because the author opened my eyes to the fact that even the skinniest of people feel offended and insecure about the comments made about their bodies. 

We need to be careful of what we say, and be mindful that our personal envy does not eliminate the other persons insecurities.

We are all beautiful and need to start viewing ourselves as just that! Becoming healthier, just makes you that much more beautiful! 


12 thoughts on “How Do I Stay So Skinny?

  1. There is so much truth to this. I have been both both extremely slender and curvy (bordering slightly overweight) I have had all kinds of comments thrown at me throughout my life. It used to be that I was too skinny and I needed to eat and take care of myself…..Lately the ones tossed at me are that I look ‘fine’ and I don’t need to work to become thin again etc… I know people mean well- but at the same time I know my health- I know my BMI- I know what I diseases I have and what I am trying to prevent. While it is nice that people want to raise me up- it’s never about my body image at this point- it’s about prevention and health. Funny how when I was thin- everyone was concerned for my health (when I was fine!) and yet now that I am older and trying to prevent- everyone has something to say about why I shouldn’t bother!? Interesting eh?

    1. Truth. Its a journey learning to love and accept who we are also. The struggle is on both sides, big or small. The original author made some great points that really opened my eyes

      1. I have read it..
        you know I grew up so skinny.. 74-95 lbs. most of my life.. I tried so hard to gain weight.. and I was so ashamed of me..
        I was often told just how beautiful and how I’m perfect 👌🏽 the way I am..
        I couldn’t see it.. though
        now I’m a older person..
        and I’ve gain weight. All in the wrong areas..
        I’m now thirty lbs overweight…
        and Again I am hating me..

        I’ve always wanted to be bigger..
        and it was granted..
        and I’m looking back at pictures of my Younger skinny days…
        and I’m just realizing how perfect and beautiful I was back then..

        Funny 😂 how we go through life wishing to be what we can’t… and not.
        And when your prayers are answered..
        You then realized that you were the exact way you wanted to be all along..
        how we wasted those years and time hating who we are instead of seeing us through the eyes of others ( our beholders)… and loving ourselves

      2. This is a major part of our journey as women…we always want what we cannot have, and we do not see our worth because we compare ourselves to actresses, performers, models, and reality TV stars. My story is different and yet exactly the same. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I totally agree. Body issues are always all over the place. Be it if you are thick or skinny. I believe they aren’t terms to be used to describe anyone. All my life too I’ve been asked how I’m a so skinny and that I should put on some weight. It’s as if people are trying to feed me but I ain’t eating all of that. It’s a major issue and must be handled with care and specially no-one should be recognized according to their body type. Love this post 🙂

    1. Yeah. The original author definitely touched on some things that I didnt even consider. We need to be more mindful of what we say and how it can be considered offensive to someone. Thanks for reading.

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