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 Jacque’ Terrell, shares why he became a Mobile Application Developer; how you can give your audience faster access to your website by using his services for freeand how the purpose of his blog is to help people find their purpose, success, and ignoring negativity. 

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Jacque’ (pronounced jock-way) “enjoys developing mobile applications and exploring the power of the human mind” in his blog The Marvelous Mind, where he aims to help others “ignore the world and achieve the abundant life that you so rightfully deserve.”

Jacque’ and I connected in the comment section of my post Beauty is…  He has created a mobile app version of my blog and I am so thankful for his time, services and dedication in helping me promote my brand, for free. 

Ta’lor: How did you get into the app creating business?

Jacque’: When I was in college taking up Information Technology, I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do in that field. My Junior year, there was a mobile apps course that was offered at my school and I became intrigued. Now, what is interesting to me is the fact that ALL of my colleagues tried to talk me out of taking that course. They told me that it would be unnecessarily hard, they told me that I would have to learn a new programming language, they told me anything to try and convince me not to take that course…I could not let it go. There was a voice in my head that kept telling me that mobile apps is the future, so why not learn how its done, just in case. We had only five people in the class but it completely changed my life. After graduation I wanted to better understand my love for mobile development. I got as many books as I could and read about the birth of the modern computer, transistors, and integrated circuits. I remember being so excited and reading these books made me feel so alive, I knew that this was my calling.

Ta’lor: How does it feel to be in this business? Why do you do it?

Jacque’: I am honored to be able to call myself a mobile developer. When I was reading about my profession and how the modern computer came about, I felt the passion in me rise to a new level. Not only was I intrigued and motivated, but I was also a little upset. 

Nowhere in any of my books did I see African Americans and this bothered me greatly. How can black people believe that they too can be a programmer or make amazing apps, if they don’t see anyone in the field who looks like them? I want to be an example for the community. I want my nieces and nephews to be able to aspire to be more than average. 

I want to go back to my high school and college to speak to the I.T. classes about how it is in the real world; how to always stay ahead and not conform to mediocrity. The people in this business before me worked hard to make what I do possible, and I do my best to honor their hard work by working tirelessly in my craft to help others. 

Ta’lor: Who is your target audience for your business?

Jacque’: My target audience right now is anyone who wants grow in their blog. I have seen that many bloggers want a mobile app version for their blog but they just don’t know how to go about getting one, I am the person that can help with that.

Ta’lor: How many apps have you created? And, what is some of the feedback you have received?

Jacque’: Right now I have 13 published apps on the Google Play Store and 5 apps published on the Apple Store. Also there are other apps that I created just for myself that I have on my cell phone. I currently took on a full time job and moved to Illinois to build a mobile app for Rural King, a farm and supply store located mostly on the north east. They have about 99 stores throughout the US and their corporate office is here in Illinois. This app will be used in all of their stores across the U.S.

Ta’lor: What is some of the feedback you are given about the mobile apps?

Jacque’: Most of the feedback that I get is extremely positive. My customers appreciate having an app built for them that, not only costs nothing but was ready for download in a short amount of time. I do my best to tailor the apps to my customers’ specific needs. I am always open to ideas of how to make the app better and more efficient.

Ta’lor: If a blogger was interested in your services, what services would they receive?

Jacque’: Right now, I provide free mobile apps to bloggers so that they can better connect with their mobile audience. While this helps bloggers keep and stay connected with their subscribers, we are working on a way to bring new subscribers to bloggers. 

It is awesome to be able to provide apps to bloggers, free of charge, with no hassle on their part but to be truly successful. I do not make personal apps for others only because of time constraints with other projects. Also I love to motivate others and give positive energy to everyone I meet.

Ta’lor: Why did you choose to create apps for free? Why not charge bloggers? 

Jacque’: It is literally rewarding to see my work being used by others. I decided to start building these apps for free because of how much I love mobile development. To me this is a win win situation. I not only get to bless others through my passion, but every app I build makes me that much better. 

On top of this, building apps for free has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing bloggers :-). I will continue to create mobile app versions of blogs for free until further notice.

[On the more intimate side] My family disagreed with me doing it for free but one thing I truly believe is that if your are going to make this life yours, you have to get out of the “survival” mindset. Don’t just go after the next paycheck or whoever offers you the highest salary, go after opportunities that will allow you to grow the most. Once people start making decisions like this, they will see why I decided to make my apps for free in the first place. 

Ta’lor: What would you say is the overall mission, goals, and dreams for your blog and brand?

Jacque’: My mission is to be an example for my family and minorities. I work hard and program everyday so that my family and friends can see that you truly can make your life how you want it to be. 

My goal is simple, I want to be able to build whatever I can think of when it comes to mobile apps. This goal keeps me fighting to learn more and improve. Also I am not happy with the length of time that it takes in building a mobile app, I plan to develop my own programming language that will give detailed and quality code, without the hassle of a long wait time. 

The dreams I have for my business extend far beyond mobile applications. I have ideas for inventions and keep an idea book with me 24/7 to record down any ideas that come to me. You see, I believe that each idea is a gift and while most may not be substantial, the collective power that they give me in achieving my goals and becoming better cannot be measured. 

Ta’lor: Final Question Jacque’ If there is someone interested in this business or trying to live out their dream, what advice would you give them? 

Jacque’: I have to warn that when you have a dream, please do not expect other people to be as excited about it as you are. This dream is yours and yours alone and if you spend your time asking everyone what they think about it, you will be less likely to accomplish much of anything. Remember…never let people create your world for you, because they will always create it too small.

More Information on Jacque’ 

Jacque’ has dedicated his time to helping others by developing mobile apps for bloggers. I want to thank him for creating my blog application (You can download the mobile app version of my blog LADYHOOD journey, click HERE or by clicking the icon on my sidebar. Working with him has expanded my audience base. Also, thank you Jacque’ for allowing me to interview you.

If you are looking for more information about Jacque’ or how to have your blog become a mobile app, please follow his blog The Marvelous Mind (Be sure to download the mobile app version for quicker access) or email him at

I hope that other bloggers will see the benefit of using the services Jacque’ provides by giving their audiences faster access to their blog by getting a mobile app created.

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