Anti-Body Shaming Myself

I love my big head.

I love my short, curly, thin hair.

I love the rolls on my back.

I love the shape and color of my eyes.

I love my cellulite covered thighs.

I love the dimples in my cheeks! (my mom tells me I got them from my grandmother… I never met her, but they make me feel like she is a part of me)

I love my big lips! (they’re just like my moms)

I love my flabby arms.

I love the gap in between my teeth!

I love my broad shoulders!

I love my short torso!

I love my stretch marks on my sides and my belly! (they remind me of my daughter)

I love my wide butt!

I love my thick thighs!

I love my chunky knees!

I love my flat feet! (they are just like my dads)

© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston


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