Why Doubt?

Why do you doubt yourself?

Do you not possess the tools to be perfectly you?

From head to toe, each part of you perfectly designed to be an impact in this world.

You are all you need to be to become all that you desire.

It is embedded in your DNA.

Despite what they say; against all odds, you are still here.

You continue to fight. You try over-and-over again to fix your errors; to become better.

Seeking excellence makes you exquisitely imperfect.

Although some may put you down, or try to break your stride; they may have inflicted pain that travels with you throughout your life, you continue to shine the light of hope to those around you.

You are a symbol of hope that we all can overcome obstacles.

You are the inspiration and the motivation that even when we fall, we can get up and keep going.

Don’t you see your worth?

All that you are … all that you seek to be, you. can. be.

So what if you have flaws. In whose eyes are they flaws? Yours?

You are beautiful, talented, intelligent, and brave.

You have not given up yet, so do not start now!

Why do you doubt yourself?

© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston, LADYHOOD journey, LLC


11 thoughts on “Why Doubt?

  1. Loved reading this post it helps open up a lot of adult ladies mind to find there worth & to keep seeking their true passion.

    1. I am so thankful that you took the time to read. Thank you for the kind words. That is my ultimate goal; that women see their worth and value.

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