We Are All Beautiful + Ugly

I have heard men call Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Halle Berry ugly… Even when they are in full contour, there is someone that thinks they are not all that.

Ugliness is subjective.
Being Beautiful is subjective.

So what’s the standard, right?

Fair or Light skinned.
Light eyes.
Long hair.
Big boobs.
Plump butt.


The standard is impossible to live up to without surgery, and yet, we still classify those who fit in to the standard as ugly and beautiful.

We body shame and cyber bully through Memes everyday and so many hurt others because they do not fit into the American standard of beauty.

We kill ourselves for beauty.

Surgery after surgery, Botox, boob and butt implants, bleaching skin, eating disorders, tanning…. none of this is healthy!

Beauty means so much to us. Why?

Beauty means fame…
Beauty means money…
Beauty means power…

The rich and famous portray images of themselves filtered and airbrushed, which causes us to feel less than.

The standard is too high and almost impossible to reach unless we wear makeup everyday and every time we leave the house? That’s not healthy either.

Wearing makeup daily, makes you automatically begin to dislike the way you look without it. I wore makeup daily when I was in high school and I became addicted to how I looked wearing it. I felt insecure when I would leave the house without mascara.

How can this be a good thing? It’s not!

I have read many blogs glorifying makeup products, and they are all the same. I am not bashing wearing makeup, but I am bashing wearing it all day, every day! It’s not going to build your self-esteem because who you are is natural. Not the natural look, that some make themselves believe is actually natural. The natural you; the beautiful you.

I believe that every thing should be done in moderation. It’s okay to wear makeup sometimes, I do, but if it’s a ritual or an addiction, you need to re-evaluate the self-love, self-esteem and value within you.

To someone, we are the most gorgeous, and to someone else, we are hideous, but understanding how you see yourself is more important. #selflove

This is when you will not care what others think. We all say it, but we all have those moments of self-doubt. You start buying in to the belief that you are not perfect just as you are. #self-esteem

Trying to fit into a certain standard of beauty goes against human nature; being unique is what makes us human and what makes us all beautiful. #selfworth

Read my post Uniqueness is Beauty for more about the beautiful and unique person you are. 

I don’t  want to look like some one else. I love to be me. You should love to be you. It’s a gift to be an individual. Individual thoughts, goals, ambitions…individual style, swag, personality…individual hand print, eye shape, curves and lines.

We are the essence of beauty and despite the standard, we are beautiful because we are alive.

Women, stop trying to fit into the standard of beauty! Find the beauty in every part of you! You are and always will be beautiful!

© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston


13 thoughts on “We Are All Beautiful + Ugly

  1. Dealing with the subjective things are too tiresome .. Its argueable to the infinity .. They say , ‘ the eyes are yours , either you see a rose in thorn or a thorn in rose’
    Beauty of everything lies in the eyes of beholder … Well written friend … 😄

      1. Yes .. I think its because of the insecurities .. Like even I sometimes question to myself for why we are trying to be someone else and forgetting the best. Version of ourselves …. Your thoughts are really uplifted one … ❤ best wishes..

      2. It is definitely based on the insecuities when obtain based on what we see in popular culture and the media. We put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way because all we see are filtered and airbrushed images of our favorite artists…. its impossible to live up to. Thank you and keep in touch! Loving the dialogue.

  2. Spot on! If beauty is subjective,
    why do we continue to objectify
    from the same skewed perspective,
    failing to see the truth with introspection.
    Beautiful, like every woman ever!

    1. You speak truth. Thank you for reading! I believe we are all beautiful and we are too hard on ourselves. We need to love everything about who we are, no matter what the standard of beauty is!!!!!!

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