The Land of the Captive…the Home of the Afraid

You seek to destroy.

Continuously breaking down bridges.
Building barriers, high fences, and walls.
Corruption masked by popular culture.
The media lies covering truth.

Devouring a youthful smile.
Parents fearing for their children’s safety.
Police murdering the unarmed.
Eliminating comfort and security.

Prejudice for the minority…
…the poor and middle classes
…older adults
…people of color
…transgender men and women
and …Muslims.

Breaking values, traditions and morals.
Devaluing bachelors and master’s degrees.
Electing government officials that tear down the weak and the innocent.
Breeding hate groups like the KKK….

A lack of resources for… veterans, immigrants, and older adults

The foundation of abolishing Native Americans and enslaving Africans.

Inequality for…
…older adults
…Native Americans
…women and children.


Raising racists and prejudice.

Legal disparities for African-Americans and Mexicans…

Higher rates of arrests for drug offenses, for curfew violations and loitering for black juveniles. (Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System)

“African-Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population.” (NAACP Criminal Justice Fact Sheet)

The land of the captive…

Filled with…

Power seeking.
Money hungry.
Fame worship.

Body shaming.
Eating disorders.
Unequal Beauty standards.

Teen pregnancy.
Single parent homes.
Child support fees.
Breastfeeding discrimination.
Birth control laws.

Food desserts.
The history of public housing projects.

Drug Addiction.
Illegal Marijuana.
Legal Prescription drugs.
STDs and AIDS.


Human trafficking.
Mass murder.

…the Home of the Fearful.




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Pinkspen is a female, a girl, a growing woman, and first and foremost, a mother to a beautiful daughter. She wants daughter to learn to be the best version of herself; to become the strong, modest, and purposeful lady, that she knows she will be one day.  Pinkspen graduated from California University of Pennsylvania, with a BACHELOR'S DEGREE in Creative Writing, BA, and a MASTER'S DEGREE in Social Work, MSW. She is in the process of attaining her LSW and eventually my LCSW. Although, her passion is working with youth and families, she has always wanted to become a known writer who supports Childhood Development, Anti-Bullying, Healthy Relationships, Equality, and the Empowerment of all Women.  LADYHOOD journey, will hopefully help teens entering college and young women everywhere to see that they are capable of being the best versions of themselves; "we are more than what popular culture says we are." Together we can take this journey of LADYHOOD and advocate for women's rights, peace, self-love, and equality for all women.

10 thoughts on “The Land of the Captive…the Home of the Afraid

  1. Well done. We will all need to stay angry for a long time. It’s going to be a very hard time for a lot of people.

    We do talk about the weather. But to be fair, if you live in New England, the weather is An Issue. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I need time off. I need to watch a movie. I need to laugh. I need to breathe. I’ve live a pretty long time and I don’t know how much longer I’ve got, but it’s a lot less than I’ve lived. I don’t intend to suffer the entire way, no matter HOW bad things are. Besides, if all we do is suffer, THEY WIN.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is how we keeg going. If we constantly thought about all this stuff, we would break down. It is so important to me to focus on the positives. Posts like this one is just my way of challenging the people I love most, women! Don’t get me wrong, I love men, but women need to be challenged, empowered and uplifted.
      Loving this feedback by the way…. 😊


  2. Reblogged this on Free The Truth and commented:
    Biggest Pet Peeve of All Time: Talking about the weather.
    Because there is so much more to talk about.
    But the weather is comfortable, easy, non-combative.

    For once, please don’t smile and say, “So, how ’bout this weather?”

    This one time, how about we talk about
    something real,
    something meaningful,
    something that deserves to be discussed,
    something we actually have the power to change.

    We can’t fix what we refuse to acknowledge is broken!

    Thank you for sharing this powerful piece pinkspen!

    Liked by 1 person

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