Love Yourself

Love your wrinkles. Love your laugh lines. Love your curves. Love your box shape. Love your short waist. Love your thick or thin hair. Love your stretch marks. Love your wide or narrow hips. Love your big lips. Love the shape of your thighs. Love your ass whether you have one or not. Love the shape of your eyes. Love your smile; crooked, straight, or over-bite. Love your dimples, wherever they are. Love your bowlegs. Love your foopah and rub on it while your at it. Love the way your knees knock. Love your calves. Love your stubby or long toes. Love your wide or narrow nose. Love your freckles. Love the length of your neck. Love your perky or sagging breasts. Love your kankles. Love your A, B, C, or DDD cup. Love your moles. Love your rolls. Love your flat feet. Love your blemishes, bumps, and bruises. Love your height. Love your weight. Love your flabby arms. Love your scars. Love your yourself, imperfections and all.

© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston


40 thoughts on “Love Yourself

      1. Honestly, it’s my pleasure. To read posts like this is touching and beautiful; it’s applicable to many and not fixed at a certain group. This is what I love! ❤️

      2. Equality is my goal! Thanks for reading. It is important to me that people come to my site and not be offended. I really appreciate your kind words!

      3. Wow, aha I’m amazed and thankful for your comment, means a lot when you feel like you should stop blogging, will defo continue ☺️

      1. Ultimately everything i write is for myself, but tarnishedsoul, this post is for you and everyone! Learning to truly love yourself is a journey, but once you do, everything will fall into place. It’s my journey as well. Thank you for reading 💜💛💚💙

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