My Lost Sister: (Part 4)

When our little sister was born, my big sister and I were so happy!

I was six and she was ten.
I don’t remember much about my mom being pregnant, but I remember when we brought our baby sister home.
She was so small and sweet.
We loved her.

It had been five years since my big sister completed our family and a new addition just brought us closer.

I remember playing with our baby sister.
She was so precious.
They were so close.
Little sis loved our big sister, just like I did the day she moved in.

We would always play together.
But, they had a deeper connection.
Maybe it was because she was older and got to understand that mom was pregnant with a child.
I think they connected more than she and I did, but we were all close.

When baby sis got older, I remember when we would spend time with our cousins some weekends.
My mom and aunt’s would swap weekends.
We loved sleepovers at my moms oldest sisters.
Her apartment would be filled with 8-10 of us cousins; playing hide-and-seek, jumping rope, and dancing all over the apartment building.
My big sister didn’t dance much, but she was so good at double-dutch rope.

We would eat chips, pretzels, green grapes and we loved icy cups (Kool-Aid frozen in a Styrofoam cup) that my auntie made.

Auntie would always give us spare change to go to the Penny Candy store too.
We would each buy like ten bags of Tootsie Frootie Rolls and then we’d run around at the playground and eat our candy for hours.

I loved the swings at the park.
My big sister loved giving us underdogs.
She would grab the chain of the swing and pull us back as far as she could and then as she pushed us forward she would go under us…
It felt like we were flying!
I would scream with joy as I swung because I could see over the kicked back.

I loved every second with my sister’s and cousins.
We were so close…
…we were always there for eachother.
No matter what, it was always family first!

(Part 5 coming soon)

Ta'lor Pinkston

Hey beautiful! I am Ta'lor Pinkston, MSW|founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC|Women’s Inspirational Self-love|Poet|Prospective Self-love Coach|Feminist|Equality Advocate|Women’s & Family Therapist LADYHOOD journey, LLC focuses on helping college girls, mothers, and every woman to incorporate self-love into their lifestyle. The topics discussed include Women's Empowerment, Beauty Standards, Body Love, Equality, Mommyhood, and Healthy Relationships. I want women and all my readers to leave my site feeling inspired, uplifted, supported, and empowered in every stage of life. I love to spend time with my daughter, going to local bars and restaurants with family & friends, online shopping, photography, writing poetry, sipping Tea , sitting on my porch, trying new wines, and listening to music from artists like Chance the Rapper, SZA, Pentatonix, H.E.R, Alessia Cara, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon.

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