Challenging Feminism

Women have come so far. I reblogged this post because of the validity of some of the points the original blogger made. Truly valid.

I think we as women have made much progress, but there is still more to fight for because equality is essential in all areas of life for women and men. Keep marching, keep fighting for our rights; the rights below the surface. Yes, we can vote, work, drive cars, and own our own businesses, but the sly looks you get from men in power, the overlook, the shun, the disrespect, sexual harrassment…. yes, we still have to fight for that!

We must, as women continue to value human life. It is important to me to educate women to be the best versions of themselves because it is something I am always working on, and all women deserve to know that they truly are the core of life, and no matter the stereotypical discrimation, never back down, fight through a mans personal bull****!

The emotional and psychological struggles that cause women to doubt their potential, disgusts me, but it is embedded in our society. It’s the foundation. Every day, we must try to rebuild that foundation.



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20 thoughts on “Challenging Feminism

  1. This posts has so many flaws and left turns that I’m not sure where to begin. Her perspective comes from one of privilege and dare I say a bit of not understanding the history of feminism or the current state of affairs. For example, feminism is and has never about dominating a man; it’s about being seen as an equal person in society (e.g., equal pay, equal opportunities). Likewise, a lot of the things that she’s mentioned are being threatened by the current administration, hence the marches and uproar.

    I’ll stop there. I hope my response is respectful. Thanks for sharing her point of view.

    1. I completely agree with you. When she spoke of feminist believing in dominating males, it makes me wonder who is cliaming to be feminist and said this? Your response is very respectful. As She stated in her post, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When she spoke about the progress that women have made, I completely agreed but stating that women are not oppressed in America….i guess that depends on who’s America you are living in. My America is being a single mother with a Masters degree and I am still struggling financially, due to the lack of maternity leave. Read my story here
      I challenged her to think about some things that women still have to fight for socially (you can read that in the comments on her original post) and she agreed. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!!!!

      1. I’m just confused today in everything. Is it me? Like a lot of feminist today are ladies who make other ladies self conscience about themselves.

      2. It’s definitely not you…. feminist vary, just like religions. We are human and we all have our own opinions. I consider myself a feminist. I believe in equality for all, no matter if you agree. Many feminist have challenged on this view, but I dont care. Anyone that body shames others, bullies, does not believe in equality that embraces our differences, to me, is not a true feminist!

      1. I didn’t read it, but I see this type of thinking on my Facebook. So often. This is why I blog. One can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe. No problem. Facebook is all drama. Let’s be adults.

        I think we need to challenge ourselves to see beyond the accepted ways of thinking. Challenging ourselves is what got us the right to vote and speak freely. When all of that is challenged especially with our current political situation I think we need to really sift through what everyone is saying and consider what is really at hand.

        I’m pro-life and pro-living in peace with men but I’m not pro-woman bashing either. So that’s why I can’t be in agreement with beauty beyond bones. I think our political situation has made me sift so to speak.

        I do appreciate her respectful tone and her willingness to accept other views.

      2. I definitely agree with you on that! Which is why I challenge specific posts so that they can understand that bashing does not create respect, unity, and understanding. It is not about agreeing, it’s about supporting one another’s journey.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts….

      3. Yeah, even after I reblogged it, there were things that I did not agree with, but I did see some value to her words……..

  2. I like your points. I thought you’d be against feminism, because of what the title lead me to think’s the same with almost everything where people take the extremists as representing er’body. From #alllivesmatter, to Islam, to feminism, a common trend of focusing on the extremists to `dis’-value an obviously positive course. By the way I’ve a blog on a similar topic, you can check it out feel free.from South Africa goodnight ✌

    1. I felt the same way when I read the original bloggers post. That’s why I reblogged it because although, I do not agree with some things she wrote, I appreciated how she wrote about the points that I do agree with!!!! Thanks for reading!

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