My Lost Sister: (Part 1)

Sometimes, I forget that I have a older sister…

I can’t remember what she looks like, sometimes…

I surpress my childhood, for fear of remembering what a huge part of my life she was…
…and now that part of me is missing.

My earliest childhood memory is the day she moved in with me and my parents.
There were so many trips to the court. I was too young to remember what was going on…
We went to hearing after hearing.
All I knew was that I was getting a sister.
I was so excited!

(I hope she likes me…)

The day she moved in, I remember her suitcase.
It seemed so big to me.
I remember going through her stuff with her…

…she had these neon yellow swimming goggles… that were enclosed in a case.
I loved those goggles…
She let me play with them.
That made me smile!

That time is foggy in my memory, but I knew right away that I loved her.
I hope she liked me!
I felt so happy to have a sister…
…my big sister!


(Part 2 coming soon)

23 thoughts on “My Lost Sister: (Part 1)

  1. Hi PinksPen,
    I was so excited to see you checked out my blog. Thank you! However, I blog at now. If you check out that site, You’ll see I have over 600 blog post articles and blogging events.

  2. Pinkspen~
    Life is a journey. The good, bad and ugly are what makes it glorious. To love is a wonderful thing. Loss is a painful thing. Regardless of how the loss occurred, some pain never heals… but you have the wonderful memories. It is my hope that as you continue on this journey, that God will renew in you memories that have faded and that those memories will renew and refresh you.

    1. Thank you for those beautiful words! It really is a journey….i suppressed my feelings for so long, but now I am speaking out about it! Keep in touch and Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have wanted to write this story for a long time. Thank you for reading Part 1. Part 2 coming soon! I really appreciate your feedback & kind words!!!!

  3. Wow. As an adoptive mother and a younger sister (to two sisters who’ve passed away) , I’m intrigued. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  4. This was goosebumpily beautiful! Love how you’ve not written this in just paragraphs like a causal post!
    Enjoyed the read, pinky! 😄👌

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