My Gratitude Journal: Day 5

Here are the five African American leaders that I am thankful/grateful for because without their service, dedication to uplift others, example and motivation to continue to fight for equality, we would not be where we are today!

1. Michelle Obama


2. Maya Angelou maya-angelou-on-hate1

3. Nelson Mandela


4. Mahatma Gandhi


5. Taraji B. Henson



Name 5 people for Black History Month that you are grateful for!


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9 thoughts on “My Gratitude Journal: Day 5

  1. You nailed it with your list! If I had to list 5 additional Black people who have brought joy to my life and I am so thankful that they were born, they would include: Roxane Gay, who speaks the truth about oppression and hurt and love; Zora Neale Hurston, who helps me escape to other worlds through her stories; Louis Armstrong, whose raspy voice and amazing trumpeting can bring both a smile and tears at the same time; Ella Fitzgerald, for all the songs she sings; and Oprah Winfrey who produced one of the best magazines I’ve ever read. And also Michael Jordan (because I’m from NC and love basketball). It’s hard to limit the list to five!

    1. Agreed. That is a great list and it can go on and on……so many black Americans that have shaped our culture! They all make me feel proud. Thank you for sharing!

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