My Gratitude Journal: Day 4 

There are so many things that I am grateful for.

Even when I am hurt, sad, disappointed, angry…. I remind myself that there are so many others who are in worse situations, and that could be me.

Life is full of many blessings…


Here is the list of five things that I am truly thankful and grateful for:

1. Ladies night at the bar…. I love my friends and family. Our responsibilities cannot keep us from  enjoying time with our loved ones.

2. My WordPress Blogging Community… I have reached 1,000+ views for the month of February; 😄 the highest number of views in my blogging career! 🤓 I am so grateful to all those who view, like, comment, and reblog my posts!

3. Car rides with my daughter…. I love her broken English gibberish as she talks to me from her car dear!

4. Romantic evenings… candles, red wine, Slow Jams, dim light, hot oil massages….

5. Love… ❤ it is patient, kind, understanding, playful, giving, powerful, intimate, loyal, blissful….


4 thoughts on “My Gratitude Journal: Day 4 

    1. Hahaha you are welcome! And honestly, it is doing the same for me. I am starting to look at positives first, even in negative situations! Thank you for reading!

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