My Gratitude Journal: Day 2 

I am so grateful and thankful for:

1. The sunrise… as the sun shines through my window every morning to remind me that there is always light after darkness!

2. COFFEE!!!! The smell… The taste… it is my life line!

3. My porch….the security, seclusion, the peace & quiet!

4. Forgiveness! I am so imperfect, and yet, God, my family, and my friends continue to forgive & support me. That is amazing.

5. My Weekends…to spend time with my daughter, my family & friends.

-Pinkspen 😄

Find a reason to be grateful every day! Life is short, and we must apprieciate the little things!

13 thoughts on “My Gratitude Journal: Day 2 

  1. This is such a great idea! Gratitude is a dying emotion and this is such an amazing way to feel more positive and happy every day and spread that happiness. Wonderful blog,great ideas!

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