Is ‘Equality’ taking the ‘Lady’ out of Women Today?

It is extremely difficult to be a modern woman. The financial demands alone, have made it almost impossible to be a stay-at-home mom, because if most of us didn’t work, we would be considered low-income.

I shared this post because as a fairly new mother myself who struggled financially due to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the required amount of unpaid Maternity Leave women can get when pregnant or after delivery of their child, I know what it is like to struggle financially.


There was no way I could be financially stable and be a stay-at-home mother. I feel that all women have the right to work and take care of their families, but sometimes I wonder if I was neglecting my child by putting her in childcare at 9 months, or if she would be “more balanced… happier if we had followed a traditional family situation.”

10 thoughts on “Is ‘Equality’ taking the ‘Lady’ out of Women Today?

  1. But, won’t a true lady be someone who is able to balance both her own aspirations and her family’s needs? I mean many people work simply because they want to. A woman may have to introduce ‘changes’ and ‘adjustments’ in her working pattern after getting married. But, shouldn’t her family too adjust to give her own space?

    1. I think that is accurate, but when it comes to raising children, you want them to be safe, happy, healthy….and it is difficult trusting that certain child cares or even schools are providing your child with those needs. I would hate it if my daughter grew up wishing that I was there for her more…that would break my heart!

      1. Yeah, that’s true. But, I still believe in taking a break and not giving up forever. Perhaps, I’m a bit workaholic. 😊

      2. I am that type as well. Which, alongside me being broke lol… thats why i work. I am a busy body! I want my own business and i want to leave something for my daughter.

  2. A question which haunts every working mom , whether it will be bad to leave their kids at daycare centers.. I will say, it’s not about traditional beliefs or not, rather ask oneself.. We love them, not because of our responsibility coming from a moral background, rather its the love out of love..isnt it.. So it’s totally the parents decision

    1. Exactly…it is so important to me that my daughter be a well-rounded individual. I want her to have every opportunity and to see the beauty in this life. Modern motherhood is difficult, but ultimately we are doing our bests and it is unrealistic to determine a right and wrong way to do this! I really appreciate the author, shellsizzle for writing such a thoughtful post!

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