10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

We all have heard it … the stupid things that men have said to us when dating and in relationship with these assholes. Ladies, stop allowing men to say things to you that you know are disrespectful and be an advocate for your heart. Here are the 10 things that men should never say to a woman and that we need to stop allowing:

1. Calm Down! 

Don’t tell me what to do…if I am not calm, its probably your fault.

2. You are too emotional. 

Well at least I will live longer, because I know how to let my emotions go, instead of holding on to them! 

3. You don’t have to raise your voice!

Listen… if you think that this is loud…you have no idea how raised, my voice can be.  

4. I don’t care. 

Well, you really don’t want me to stop caring, so keep it up and you will see what a lack of care really looks like. #apromisenotathreat

5. What did you do to your hair?

If you don’t like my hair style, don’t say anything. It will change to something else in about a week, anyway.

6. Is it that time of the month, again?

What, are you keeping track? Listen, menstruation is not the reason for my attitude, you are an arse, that is the only reason for my attitude.

7. I think we should take a break.

We are either together or we are broken up. I do not do grey areas!

8. I want you to have my baby.

Don’t be mad 3 months later, when she is pregnant!

9. You are acting like a bitch!

All I hear is, BITCH, so if you want to take that road, be prepared for pot holes, sharp turns, and falling rock. 

10. You sound just like your mother.

Thank you for the compliment but, I am my own person. I sound like myself!


27 thoughts on “10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

  1. Number 1 though! Lol. My partner tells me to calm down almost everyday meanwhile if he had thought about what he did or said I wouldn’t be acting up and shouting at him. Guys really need to understand that it’s not us – its them. Haha. I love this post

    1. It’s just sooooo true! We are way too emotional (which is a good thing) to be told that…we will mess around and have your baby…. lol
      Thanks for reading!

    1. ooooweeee … if a man ever said that to me, idk what I would do… that so ridiculous. It is almost embedded in them to be condescending. They do not even realize it, because they would never say this to men. Thank you for sharing!

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