I Will

If you tell me I am not smart enough, I’ll pass every test!
If you say that I am not pretty enough, I will take selfie after selfie!
If you tell me I’ll fail, on my worst day, I will succeed!
If you break my heart, I will not give up on love.
If you try to stop me, I will keep going.
If you hate me, I will love me!
If you don’t support me, I will not fall.
If you won’t hear me, I will make you listen!
If you think I will not make it, I will make sure I live out my dreams!
If you say that I am weak, I will only become stronger.
If you give up on me, I will never stop trying!
If you tell me that I am not good enough, I’ll show you who’s bad!
If you leave me, I’ll make you wish you would have stayed.
If you say I am not worth it, I will show you my value.
If you turn your back on me, I will only move forward!
If you dismiss me, I will persevere.
If you doubt me, I’ll prove you wrong!
If you tell me I can’t, I will.

© 2019, Ta’lor L. Pinkston, LADYHOOD journey


14 thoughts on “I Will

  1. YES girl! It’s so important to know your own value and I think this poem really captures it <3 you should not judge yourself by other people's standards, I love the juxtaposition of 'you' and 'I'. This is the sort of motivational piece we all need 🙂

    1. Thank you Jess…and I will be putting up some of my favorite quotes. You speak truth…it is so hard for us to love ourselves and the more I write about it, the more i come to that realization, even within myself. But, constantly trying to be a better ‘you’ is what matters, and self-love is the first step. Thank you for reading!

      1. I look forward to reading your favourite quotes 🙂 yes, we must first treat ourselves with patience and kindness before we can effectively love others. Keep up your lovely writings!

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