Self-Love Quotes

Everyday, I am falling more in love with the woman I am, and it feels so damn good. Here are some self-love quotes to remind you of how badass you are: 


noun \ˈself-ˈləv\

Definition of self–lovelove of self : b:  regard for one’s own happiness

“After all, taking care of oneself is everything but a selfish act. Indeed, self-love intrinsically involves acceptance of both positive features and those which tend to be perceived as negative. Moreover, it goes without saying that flaws and mistakes are part of our identity and should not be denied or omitted. Shortcomings, along with the characteristics we see as appealing, should thus be accepted.”

10 thoughts on “Self-Love Quotes

  1. I’ve spent all year working on myself…meditating, writing, nurturing myself. The end result is that I have just now learned to love myself, and realized I am finally capable of feeling the love of others. It’s beautiful:)

    1. You know what…I think we will be working for the rest of our lives …thats the goal; to always try to improve and to always try to love ourselves more….I know that is my story. I am constantly checking myself and trying to be the best version of myself, for myself! Thank you for reading!

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