No Netflix and Chill

A College Girls Guide to Dating 

Rule #6: If he asks you to “come over and watch a movie” at 10PM or later, DO NOT GO!

I never thought I could be so gullible. When he asked me to come over to watch a movie, I was so excited because I thought he had asked me out on a mini-date.

When I got there, he actually put on a movie… (sometimes, they don’t!)

As we watched and talked a bit, like most girls, I jumped waaaaayyyy ahead of myself and started thinking that he wanted to be my boyfriend, how we would get married and if our future kids would look more like me or him? (stupid)

My intentions were so innocent. I genuinely thought that he wanted to get to know me. I thought that we would talk, watch a movie, and plan to meet up again. Doing anything more than that was the last thing on my mind. I never thought that I would give more than just my company…but guess what…

The guy that is looking for a f*** buddy knows just what to say to get you in their bed. Sometimes, it is simple, like “wanna come watch a movie?” But, if he asks you to come over at midnight, believe me, he wants more than company… IT IS A TRICK!

Once they get you to come over, they will use every line in the book to get you to do more, waaaayyyy more than you intended. Often times than not, you will do more than you planned. Women have needs and wants just like men, but you need to be honest with yourself; Can you really handle casual sex?

Just because you want company, this does not mean you need company.

Often times, the desire to have company or to not be alone, causes us to surround ourselves with an abundance of bodies. I was like this in college. I hated sleeping alone. When I wasn’t having a sleepover with my girls, I would text an array of guys to see if they wanted to hang out, and often times, we ended up doing more than I wanted.

I learned that my desire for company was not as strong enough to prevent me from doing more. I learned to just stay in my dorm, unless I wanted to hook up.

Even if you know he wants more than just to watch a movie, and you think you can fight him off or change his mind, you can’t, so, if you don’t want to hook up with him, DO NOT GO! Watch a movie with your girls…

You want to be able to look yourself in the mirror in the morning.

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