College 101 for Freshman Females

University College of the World
College 101 for Freshman Females
Fall-Spring 2016-2017, LIFE 12345, 67890
M/T/W/Th/F/S/Sun 12:00a-11:59p
4 credits

Instructor: Ms. Pinkspen, MSW
Office Hours: M/T/W/Th/F/S/Sun 12:00a-11:59p

Welcome & Introduction:
Welcome to College 101 for Freshman Females. I am your instructor, Pinkspen. We will begin this course together where we will work together to prevent the most common mistakes that freshman females make when it comes to various forms of relationships on a college campus. This class is for freshman girls in college, “upper-classwomen” (Pinkspen), and high school girls who will someday graduate and be shipped off to a world that I wish someone prepared me for. Enroll in this course today!

Course Theme:
“You are not born a lady. It is a constant journey that we should all seek to obtain as women.” –Pinkspen

You are worth the wait!

Course Components and Specifics:
This is a judgement free zone. We have all made mistakes so no one person is better than the other. This course seeks to prevent common mistakes that females make when entering college. Each student must participate actively, by providing feedback and giving advice to those in need. Plagiarism and cheating are not tolerated; you are an individual who does not need to copy others to make your own statement.

Attendance Policy:
100% attendance is required to complete this course. Being absent is non-existent.

Course Requirements/Grading Policy:
There are no grades in this course. You have the right to withdrawal from this course at any time. Being a lady is a choice, not a right. There will be no speeches, tests, or exams in this course. But, you will be tested on and off campus, daily, so take this course as a preparation for the rest of your college career!

Course Schedule: 

Week 1:

Most men want your “goodies” and they will say or do anything to get it!!!!!!

Week 2:

If and when someone gives you attention by touching, giving compliments, flirting etc. see how long it takes, (without having sex), for the flirting, touching and compliments to stop.

Week 3:

When a male is flirting, touching, and complimenting you, it will feel good. Of course he is doing this; you are beautiful, sexy, confident, and worth touching. But, know that he is saying the same things to probably about 10 other females if he is not trying to make it official.

Week 4:

When someone wants to be in a relationship with you, they will make it happen. Men are hunters and they know what they want. This is the same for same-sex relationship. Whoever is hunting, hunts for a reason. This could be sexual or for intimacy.

Week 5:

Don’t have sex with anyone if the only meal you have had together is in the Student Union on campus.

Week  6: 

DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH MULTIPLE MALES ON THE SAME TEAM. FOR EXAMPLE: FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, SOCCER, GOLF, even Intramural sports teams. THIS ALSO MEANS DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH FRIENDS FROM THE SAME GROUP.(Just because you have not seen two males hanging together, does not mean that they are not friends so be careful!)

Week 7 :

If he asks you to come over and watch a movie at 10:00p or later, DO NOT GO!

Week 8: 

It is okay to be single, you do not need a relationship. Just have fun with friends.

Week 9:

If your friend slept with him, don’t sleep with him. If your enemy slept with him, don’t sleep with him.

Week 10:

Most females think that they can handle the friends-with-benefits relationship mainly because the male suggests it, but most cannot; be honest with yourself. If you catch feelings, tell him and if he does not feel the same, pull out of the relationship immediately!

Week 11:

Don’t spend so much time with your significant other that you stop spending time with your friends. You have to find the balance.

Week 12:

If you want love and a relationship, you cannot have sex  right away; you have to make them work for it. If you don’t, they will not only treat you like you are every other female.

Week 13:


Week 14:

HAVE SELF-CONTROL OVER WHO YOU LET IN YOUR BED! Do not have a sleep over just to have some company!

Week 15: 

Be a mystery! People love to gossip, especially guys…don’t allow yourself to be the hottest discussion topic.



Ta'lor Pinkston

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