30 Things That College Is That Is Not On Your College Application

College is about opportunity, growth, and finding a career that you love, but at 17-18 years old, most of us have no idea of what we truly desire. When I went to college, I assumed it was the land of milk + honey, and that I would be afforded every opportunity that I had worked so hard for when I was in high school. Although I experienced many positive things in college, there was a ton of bull shit that I was completely unprepared for.

Here are the 30 things that college is, that is not on your college application:

  1. College is a big ass group of high-school kids with no adult supervision.
  2. College is playing pretend.
  3. College is a walk of shame.
  4. College is partying, with a little bit of class on the side.
  5. College is a friends-with-benefits relationship.
  6. College is going from one group of friends to the next.
  7. College is new experiences wrapped in regret.
  8. College is always rushing to class at 7:59 am.
  9. College is caged freedom.
  10. College is a popularity contest.
  11. College is STD’s on steroids.
  12. College is coming out
  13. College is an infinite study group.
  14. College is bottoms up, bottoms up; face down ass up.
  15. College is your first “real” relationship.
  16. College is a deck of playing cards.
  17. College is zero privacy.
  18. College is being broke af + homeless.
  19. College is five friends under one blanket.
  20. College is Netflix & Chill.
  21. College is extracurricular activities.
  22. College is a weekend long house party.
  23. College is dogs barking, birds screeching, cats meowing, and boots and heels stomping. #pledge
  24. College is an expensive vacation.
  25. College is beer pong and corn hole.
  26. College is where you truly learn who you are under pressure.
  27. College is your first crappy apartment.
  28. College is changing your major at least 2 times.
  29. College is a degree with no purpose.
  30. College is a graduation into debt.

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